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landscape lighting

Three Aspects considered on every outdoor lighting project completed by NightSculptures.

landscape lighting
Our Focus

The Characteristics

Your exterior is our canvas.

Lighting Objectives

Beauty or Security, why choose?


​We will meet and exceed most budgets.

Landscape lighting amazing backyards by NightSculptures Outdoor Lighting.jpg

Our Vision

Psalms 119:105

​Thy word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet and Light Unto My Path.

Our goal at NightSculptures outdoor lighting is to create the best, most affordable, professional outdoor lighting design for your home or business possible while adding a tremendous value to your property, with enjoyment night after night year after year.


The Characteristics of Your Property

We will be using your home/business exterior, landscaping, or outdoor space as our canvas. We want to bring to light the unique features of the property in a subtle and non-intrusive way but effectively and efficiently adding a more secure, safe, and a panoramic scene of elegance at night.

Lighting Objectives

As we progress through our initial free design consultation we will want to get to know exactly what your outdoor lighting objectives are. Then, we can take those objectives and combine with a our professional recommendations on design elements, fixture options, lamp options, etc...and develop a detailed written proposal.


We know from years of experience in outdoor lighting that “less is sometimes more” At NightSculptures, we always have our eye on the prize; your home and outdoor living experience. No matter the size of your budget, we will work with you to achieve all of your outdoor lighting objectives.

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