Landscape Lighting
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NightSculptures has been offering Dallas and Fort Worth affordable landscape lighting solutions for over a decade now. Each and every landscape lighting project starts with a free design consultation so that we can get acquainted with our clientelle and gain an understanding of the specific outdoor lighting objectives wanting to be obtained. 

After getting to know our client and identifying their specific landscape lighting objectives, we go to work designing and presenting landscape lighting solutions that will not only meet but exceed our clients expectations. NightSculptures has a wide array of outdoor specified lighting fixtures of all sizes, shapes and materials available through muliple mfg's to insure that virtually any application or effect desired can be achieved. Every property presents a unique characteristic and our approach as a true custom outdoor lighting company is to bring that uniqueness to light literally with the best options available in the industry.

Dallas and Fort Worth Landscape Lighting

I'A well designed landscape lighting plan will present interesting visual focal points such as architectural features of the home, water features, plant materials , etc. in a dramatic fashion by utilizing proper beam spreads, light levels and color temperatures.

That's where the art of nightsculpting and our passion for lighting comes into play. We offer a true custom illumination approach for every project because in the world of illumination art, a one light cookie cutter approach is taboo.  

A professional landscape lighting plan will combine security, safety, and beauty all wrapped into one. Path and navigational illumination should not only lead guests to a safe destination but also add visual attraction along the way.

NightSculptures offers the Dallas Fort Worth area a vast array of energy efficient landscape lighting solutions for home exteriors, pools, pergolas, landscaping, trees, and specialty lighting to meet and exceed virtually any outdoor lighting application under the stars. 

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