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At NightSculptures, we use illumination as our sculpting tool. We help home and business owners create a
panoramic night time scene of elegance and beauty for their homes, businesses, and outdoor spaces. We believe outdoor lighting to be more than just shining a little light on an object and hoping for a cool outcome. We consider outdoor lighting to be an art form using varying color temperatures, multiple levels of illumination, design techniques, and many other factors to create a desired effect. We use the home owners lighting objectives and budgeting requirements as a guide for every outdoor lighting project. Three basic factors are always considered in our initial free design consultation.

Our Services

Landscape Lighting

From subtle lighting to enhancing the look of your home to accenting your beautiful landscaping, Nightsculptures can transform any landscaped yard into a panoramic scene of elegance at night.

Poolside Lighting

NightSculptures creates mood setting and night time accent/navigational illumination for hardscaping and landscaping around pools. We help take your outdoor entertainment to a resort style level.

Pergola Lighting

Let NightSculptures show off the beautiful craftsmanship of your newly installed Pergola. It will help set the ambiance and turn your backyard space into a resort style paradise without a huge price tag.

Tree Lighting

NightSculptures provides Up-lighting/Accent and Down-lighting (Moon-lighting) Illumination for Trees. Nothing is more captivating at night than beautiful tree lighting by NightSculptures.

Home Exterior Lighting

NightSculptures provides Elegant Exterior Illumination for a warm, inviting, safe and secure home after dark. We bring to light architectural and design features of your home barely noticeable during the day.

Pergola night fire place.jpg

Speciality Lighting

Because of all of the options available on specialty lights, the customization options are almost limitless. Nightscapes can utilize the newest technology for the advanced use of today's lifestyles.

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